I'm back.So you all kenal F right ? Yang tidak tahu pergi SINI . This post is for my love, MUHAMMAD FARIS NAIM . Yeah , see the title right ? Happy 4 Month love <3 . 22 July - 22 November . 

He's hansome right ? Anyway dalam banyak banyak gambar , yang ini paling saya suka . Sebab ? Sebab gambar ini dia nampak macho #Ehh . But itu bagi saya la,tak tahu pula bagi you all :) Bila dia baca post ini , mesti happy bila kena puji . Saya puji ikhlas tau . #Ewahh . Dia cinta hati saya #TiruShilaAmzah  

Dear Faris , I hope our relay kekal sampai bila-bila . Thanks for everything . I'm glad I met you.You are the craziest,most sporting,romantic and sweetest person I had ever had . I hope you happy with me . Faris, I get  jealous , I get mad , I get worried , I get curious . But that is only because I love you so much and I don't wanna lose you . Stay in my heart forever. If you ever asked me how many times you've crossedmy mind,I would say once. Because you came and never left . I want our relationship to be like Tom and Jerry. No matter how many times we fight, we won't be apart . Our song : Shine on and fall for you . I love you sayang <3 Still remember our memories :)

I hope you read this post . Bye-bye love <3


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This is the best thing ever.. :)

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