When your boyfriend is your bestfriend

Hey.It was a long time that I didn't blogging and post a new story. Sorry and i know you all miss me right ? #Ehh . So straight to the point #Dumroll,please . So look at the title above . Yes, "When your boyfriend is your bestfriend" . I know you all understand what I'm talking about . When you read the title , maybe you will be think "If my best friend becomes my boyfriend , does it become akward after that ?" and "If we break up , I would have lost my best friend , isn't ? " So many question are on your mind right ? Me too . And It happens to me now .

 2010 - The first time I met F was at the tuition . And we were are not talking to each other . And I'm shy . 

2011 - We're 13 years old . He goes to the school same as me . So we chatting in Facebook and on that time , we don't have twitter yet .

 2012 - Me and him became more closely .F and I became bestfried and I don't remember since when we're became bestfriend .

 Ewah-ewah kenapa saya speaking ni ? Ehem Ehem , sorry :) So guna bahasa melayu pula laa . Yeah , posting harini unik kan ? Ada dua languanges :)

 22 Julai 2012 - So , that time kami luahkan perasaan masing-masing then dia minta couple dekat saya .
" Sudikah you terima I even I lagi tinggi daripada you ? "
So,mesti you all tidak faham apa yang dia maksudkan. So dengan murah hati saya memberi penerangan #KauDahKenapaMira . Ehem Ehem testing testing . Saya pendek daripada dia . And dia lagi tinggi daripada saya . But ketinggian bukan halangan right ? :) Jeng Jeng saya accept ke tidak ? Yes , saya terima :) So daripada bestfriend ke boyfriend . And kami dah couple dekat 3 bulan lebih and 22 November 2012 , kami couple about 4 month :) Many memories we are created :) I LOVE HIM SO MUCH <3.


I know apa akan jadi bila kita break up . Maybe we are stranger or not bestfriend anymore . And I akan jaga relay ni selagi I mampu .

Setiap kali kita solat jangan lupa disertakan sekali doa doa semangat untuk suadara kita yang sedang berjuang di bumi palestine #PrayForGaza


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FARLIY said... Reply

tada gambar si F tu ke?? :D

Amira Liyana said... Reply

Gambar F tu ? Hmm, adaa :)

FARLIY said... Reply

tak mau letak? :)

Amira Liyana said... Reply

@FARLIYTak mau :P

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